Thursday, October 23, 2014

Superhero 5k

On Saturday I ran a 5k with Sharon! We've been running together all summer and it was fun to do a race together. I'm so glad we waited until October - the weather was perfect! 

We were newbies to the whole photobooth thing....

The starting lineup. There were so many people dressed up, and for the rest of us the sponsors had capes to run with! We saw ninja turtles, Power Rangers, all the Marvel heroes, Batman, Superman, etc.

The race went well. I was pretty exhausted after the first mile or so from just fighting my way through all the people! There were tons who sprinted at the beginning and then either stopped to walk or slowed down a ton. We were pacing ourselves and spent a long time passing those walkers. By the second mile or so things thinned out and I started to feel that energy that I get from races! I love them so much.

Post-race - feeling so good!

Millie really loved the cape. She kept running around the house, saying, "I'm a superhero princess!"

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The Freeman Family said...

Cam, you are a superhero! Love your blog. You totally inspire me. Keep it up! So glad we are in this amazing and terrifying journey together :). Love you, cousin!