Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little things

Just peeking in on these two playing so sweetly and quietly one day. As long as Max stays away from her carefully set up toys on the table, it stays sweet and quiet!  He just loves to be in the playroom with Millie.

First square of the Baker's blanket! I can't wait to get it all finished and put together.

Max was so happy I let him crawl on the playground equipment - this blurry picture was too cute not to share. Plus, you can see his crooked smile and missing front teeth! I love it!

I promise I got to him before he got to the hole!

Millie's friend Kinley loves Max. She doesn't know her strength and I've saved poor Max from a loving headlock several times! It's so funny.

Decorating and eating sugar cookies during playgroup. Millie had been waiting and waiting for this! I should know by now never to tell her about fun things until they're about to happen... I showed her the sprinkles the night before and it was all she would talk about. She made everyone she saw smell the sprinkles over and over (why? I don't know). She'd say, "Smell these sprinkles. They smell so so good!"

We're so glad when Daddy comes home!

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Whitney Nolden said...

that is such a cute/fancy kitchen set in your playroom! Im having my parents bring my old kitchen set from home for Jake for christmas but it's not that snazzy ;)
love the spongy colorful flooring too!