Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ward Trunk or Treat

We had our ward Halloween party on Saturday. Except for the crazy heat we had a great time! But seriously, we were all dripping sweat. It was gross. Millie went as a BYU cheerleader, Max as a BYU football player, and Tyler and I went as BYU Alumni... haha. We had fun and were reminded, yet again, of how much we love our ward family! 

Millie and Paisley fishing together. Millie was shy and pretty apprehensive about all the activities except for fishing. She wanted to do that over and over!

Zak came to the party dressed as Tyler.  He loves to tease Tyler about being Prom King in high school. We were dying laughing!!

Mason and Sam were also BYU football players so we had to get a picture of the players and cheerleader together. Holding them was the only way to keep them all in one place! 

My buddy for handing out candy. I gave him a wrapped Tootsie Roll to play with and he eventually chewed through the foil wrapper! He cracks me up.

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