Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekend at Monka's

Tyler went to Utah for cousin Brady's wedding. Since he was gone for a few days and Sarah was performing, we decided to spend the time with  my family and watch Sarah too! It was just a ward talent show, but it was fun to be there. I even saw someone I knew from high school who now lives in my parent's ward. Small world.

The kids were so good at the talent show. Sarah was the last act and the show was looong. They were troopers.

She sang "You Never Remind Me" by Linda Eder. Sarah was awesome, as always.

Too excited to be wearing her Frozen jammies for the first time to hold still!

Millie learned to use scissors and glue, and she's obsessed. I love all the messes she makes.

We went through all the American Girl/Bitty Baby stuff and separated each person's doll and the clothes that go with her. It was a long morning of texting pictures to each sister, making sure everything was going where it was supposed to go! 

Max helped Umpa build some IKEA shelves. Or at least kept him company.

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Kimberly said...

Eliza is really into scissors and glue too! I love it. :) They'll have fun creating/making messes together at Christmas time!!