Monday, February 16, 2015

10 on 10: February 2015

1. A rare Daddy sighting, brought to you by the kids who wake up so stinkin' early every day!

2. Max loves to turn pages, doesn't have the patience to read the whole page.

3. Almost every time we leave in the car lately she runs out to the driveway to greet her shadow.

4. What was I thinking, bringing two kids bra shopping with me? 

5. Always a few steps ahead of me!

6. I got out some summer clothes but didn't put away the winter ones... gotta love this part. I call it the weather's awkward phase.

7. For some reason she wanted to do everything on the floor - read books, watched Curious George, and eventually fell asleep!

8. Busted out the sandals - I love those little toes!

9. "You mean the dishwasher door isn't made to support my 25 lb frame?"

10. The princesses needed a bubble bath too!

1 comment:

Samantha Van Noy said...

I love your blog! And also sometimes I think we should live closer so that we can be friends in real life, ha ha. You make being a mom seem easy and fun! Which I know it isn't always, but you pull it off! :)