Thursday, February 5, 2015

All in a Friday's work

Fridays are my favorite lately.

Little mister finally grew into his first pair of Nikes.

Playgroup at our house = 4 twirling princesses instead of 1!

I have a strange talent for picking the loudest shopping carts every time I go to the store. I expect the car ones to be loud, but this one was extreme. It sounded like a gunshot every time the back wheels made a full circle! So obnoxious.

Millie was so excited to be my little plumber's assistant. I replaced the drain plug in Tyler's bathroom sink and unclogged mine! Thanks YouTube!

We're still phasing out naps. It is going... well?

Tyler and I have tried to kick it up a few notches in our FHEs lately. We hold it on Friday evenings right now because that's one of two nights Tyler is guaranteed to get off of work early, but it happens! It honestly has become the highlight of our week! Millie gets so excited about it too. I feel like that's a big part of why this busy season has gone as well as it has so far. When you make an effort to do the important things, Heavenly Father will make sure the rest works out too.

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