Friday, February 13, 2015

Stuff from Tyler's phone

She lines them up and then kabobs them. Why????

FHE fun. Almost every week we play Frozen games for our activity! It's a crowd favorite.

Gigi watched Millie and Max while Tyler and I went to the temple. When we got back they were snuggling on the couch and Millie was nodding off mid-sentence. Pretty cute.

Tickling the (plastic) ivories

Millie and Daddy had a daddy-daughter date. They were the only ones in the place until a little girl came with her parents. Millie and this little girl were fast friends - Tyler said Millie was telling this girl her whole life story! 

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Lindsay said...

Kelsey was looking at this with me and I said, Look that's Millie! And she laughed and said, "yeah that's Millie. She's my friend. I like her." haha Looks like we need to get together SOON!!! Miss your guts.