Tuesday, February 17, 2015

An act of kindness

We were heading to Wal-Mart to grab a few things and I stopped to get gas first. I grabbed my wallet and had my phone since I was talking to Mom, and I put my keys in the diaper bag. I locked the doors but left mine open. While filling up a big gust of wind blew my door shut! Not all the way shut, but enough that I couldn't get it back open. I told Mom and she suggested trying to get Millie to open her door. I got her to wiggle her shoulders out of the seatbelt and she could pull the handle but she couldn't figure out how to unlock it so that pulling the handle actually did anything. The more I talked and asked her to push the unlock button, the more shy/scared she became. I tried to be calm and happy and treat it like a game, but of course she knew something was up! There was a woman filling up next to me that came and asked if we were okay. I explained the situation and she tried to tell Millie to open the door. Millie closed up completely at that point and started to cry. The woman said she's a police officer and offered to call a wrecker she knew. I told her thank you and she made the call, then said they'd be here 15-ish minutes from then. 

Max was staying calm and Millie only cried when I spoke to her, so I just told her to eat her M&M's that she had in the car with her and then I left her alone. After an hour I called the wrecker (thank goodness the cop had given me the number) and they said they were waiting for word on my location. The cop had given them that info already, but whatever. Someone would be there in 15 minutes. Sound familiar? Yeah, didn't happen. After the next call, 2 minutes. Again, didn't happen. And at this point both of the kids were completely ballistic. I was pretty close myself. I searched for a new locksmith and called them, then called the previous wrecker and told them they had lost my business, don't bother sending your guy. (That guy ended up calling me about 4 hours after the original call to see if I needed help. Yeah, real professional.)

In all this chaos, there were several concerned people who offered and tried to help. One man was there for a meeting - seemed to be a beer distributor - and asked me twice if I needed help. Each time I told him I had someone on the way, and I thought I did. I wasn't sure what he was doing but be stayed in his car a few spots over. After waiting for the second locksmith for a little while (5-10 minutes) suddenly a different guy pulled up, from AAA. He came and asked if I was the one who needed help and I said yes but I hadn't called him. The beer distributor got out of his car and said he had called them - "AAA is always super fast, and you were waiting for a long time." So nice. I thanked him profusely and talked with him while the AAA guy unlocked the door in about 2 minutes. Amazing! When I asked him what I owed, he waved me off and said it had been taken care of, at which point I lost it. I retrieved the keys from my car, along with the measly $3 in cash I had with me, and walked over to the beer distributor's car. I was bawling and thanking him and told him this was all I had to give him. He said not to worry about it, that he had a wife and three little kids at home and he couldn't not do something. What a saint! I was so so so thankful. I got in the car and called Tyler to update him on the situation. Millie and Max had fallen asleep crying a while before, thankfully. 

I still am so floored by his kindness. In a world where crummy movies are way too popular and things can seem so bad, there are still really really good and kind people who will do amazing things for strangers! I'm going to be paying this forward for a long time. What could have ruined my day (and at the time, it did) turned out to be a really humbling experience that made me so grateful. 

Plus, we went home and had Cheetos for lunch. So that made everything better.


Samantha Van Noy said...

That is amazing! We actually locked James in our van with the keys about two weeks ago. Luckily a cop showed up about 5 minutes after we called and unlocked the car for us. I can't imagine waiting for more than an hour! I would be going crazy! So glad you got help!

Lindsay said...

Oh Cam that brought tears to my eyes. I'm so grateful he was there and took action. I canNOT believe how stupid that other guy was that you called a thousand times. Im sure that was so so stressful having your kids in there screaming and not be able to get to them. Good for you for staying calm and even coming out of it with a good lesson. You're awesome😘

Susan Stange said...

Oh my goodness! I teared up reading that! What an amazing man to sit and wait for you.
Found you via the blog hop! Thanks for sharing.



Ahhh what a scary story! I'm glad they fell asleep. I love hearing about good people in this world! Thanks for sharing :)

bethany said...

Amazing. Glad to hear there are still wonderful people (besides yourself, of course) in the world. What an incredible thing to do.

Sarah K. said...

This totally reminds me of how quick we can be to judge people-- This is embarrassing, but I wouldn't have assumed that a beer distributor would be so willing to help. His kindness totally proved me wrong, though! Thank you for sharing this and inspiring me to be a little more kind and a little less judgmental. I'm so glad you were able to get help and that your kiddies are safe!