Friday, February 20, 2015

Little things

At least once a day the three of us end up wrestling on the floor. It usually starts out just Max and me, with Millie quickly joining us. No way is she missing out on any fun! 

Not-so-patiently waiting.

Now that we have a place for all of Millie's dressups (a big rope handle bucket, thanks Wal-Mart!) I was ready get out all of the stuff she was supposed to get for her birthday. I know, bad mom. But she didn't ask for or miss it, and she was given so much by others, so I felt okay about it. Millie was so excited to find a Merida dress in the stash, especially since Gigi gave her the movie Brave for Valentine's Day! She was not so happy about taking a picture.

She requests an Elsa braid every once in a while. This was after sleeping on it. 

I got out our tennis rackets to teach a little group as part of our RS activity this week. It was such a fun night! I really want to play again, and soon. Max loved playing with the rackets beforehand. It's really amazing to me how balls and rackets and clubs are just so natural for him, and how princess and doll stuff is so natural for Millie. 

Max can officially reach the top (edge) of the table. Feels like nothing is safe anymore.

A little picnic lunch in the backyard - Max wearing his Superman shirt and cape, Millie wearing her Merida dress.

Max has been super cranky lately. We're going on 3 weeks of teething these 2 molars - they're halfway through his gums. It is rough, poor guy. He wants to be held a ton and he bites me a lot and is just very physical in general. Still getting used to that.

Max also thinks he is perfectly capable of navigating the playground by himself.

I love watching Millie do things I did as a kid - not sure where she learned it, but she loves to twist the swing really tight and then spin around as it unwinds. 

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