Tuesday, July 5, 2016

California trip {day 1}

Our flight left at 5:20am, so we had a very early morning! What was so funny was that we didn't have to wake either of the kids up - they both woke up on their own by about 2:30. 

We had a lot to haul around - 3 big duffels, 2 big car seats, 2 umbrella strollers, and a backpack/bag for each of us. Tyler was seriously the hero of the trip, getting carts and loading and unloading everything as I kept the kids out of the way.

Tyler and Millie sat on one side of the aisle, with Max and I on the other. They were both so good on the flight and slept a little bit.

Hard to tell from the pic below, but I saw a rainbow out the window below us! I'd never been "somewhere over the rainbow" before.

We eventually got to our rental car. We couldn't check in to our hotel in Anaheim for a few hours, so we cruised down Highway 1 and stopped at a beach along the way.

Seal Beach was beautiful! Lots of big seashells.

I got Millie a little dry erase number pad and it totally kept her busy through all the travel time.

Made it to Anaheim! Found our hotel and a Walmart, where we got stuff for our lunches while we were there.

The Candy Cane Inn was really cute and had a fun pool!

It also had a free shuttle to Disneyland! We took the shuttle over to check out the area and get the kids some chicken nuggets right by the entrance.

We were all so excited to go to Disneyland the next day!

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