Friday, July 22, 2016

Some transitions for Max

Max has been doing some growing up! Once we found out we're having a boy, I wanted to start moving things around to make room for him. Like I said, crazy nesting lady over here. As if we need to be ready right now. Anyway, we've been waiting for the right time to take Max's binky away too, so we decided to just make it one huge big boy change and do the binky and bed at the same time! So Max now sleeps on a bed (mattress on the floor until I'm not nervous about him rolling off) and is totally off the binky!

First night in the bed.

When I talked to him about these changes, I suggested a fun pillow to replace the binky and to use on his new bed. Lightning McQueen pillow, Thomas the Train pillow, whatever he wanted. He very firmly said he wanted a Lightning McQueen toy instead. Deal, buddy! So Max got a Lightning McQueen and Mater and happily threw his binky in the trash.

The transition has been awesome! He has asked for his binky a couple times, but only when he has been upset during the day (when he wouldn't have been able to have it anyway, since we've used it for sleeping only for a while). Never even mentions it at night or nap time. He does take longer to fall asleep but he is good about staying in bed (I have zero patience for kids getting out of bed and both of mine know it). He typically falls asleep with a book in his hand.

Thank goodness for this sweet boy who makes these changes easy on me! Hopefully Max adjusts to baby brother just as easily!


Lindsay said...

woohoo! way to go Max! that's a lot of big changes--what a great kid

Chhaya Farkiya said...

Max room is too pretty because the colour of Sea horse pillow and bed sheet is same.