Friday, July 8, 2016

California trip {day 7}

Our last day! We checked out of the hotel and drove down to San Diego one last time. Our flight wasn't for several hours so we met up with everyone at the Mormon Battalion Historic Site. I had been there a few years ago but they've made some changes and it was fun to go back!

Panning for gold.

Max kept finding gold and throwing it back in. Catch and release kind of guy. He actually ended up choosing a rock to bring home instead of a piece of gold! To each his own I guess.

We enjoyed walking around Old Town San Diego (where the historic site is) and the kid got to pick a candy from an old fashioned candy shop thanks to Gigi. They probably picked the least old fashioned candy they had in the place - a giant candy necklace and a car with candy in it - but they were happy. Can't argue with that.

Then it was time to fly home! Max loved sitting by Gigi this time and showing her the toys he had brought and treasures he had acquired on the trip.

We were happy to be home after a wonderful trip! Whenever I asked Millie what was her favorite part of the trip, she would say "Right now!" But I think now she says Disneyland. Max said "My favorite part was when we went to California." Sums it up pretty well I think!!

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