Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Family fun

We got to have some fun cousin/sister time in June. Kim and her family spent some time in the States between moving from Cambodia to Belgium! It had been over a year since we had seen them and we were so excited. Steph came from NM too so it was a mini-reunion for a couple of days.

Millie and Eva discovered they have the same shirt!

Having some art time.

We thought it would be fun to tie dye t-shirts with the kids. It was messy but turned out really cute! The kids love their shirts.

One of the things Millie wanted to do this summer was have an art show! So we asked the cousins to "submit" some pieces and we had the show while everyone was here. I tried to do it outside but it was too windy, so we strung everything up in the hall. They loved walking through and seeing each other's art!

Had to finish the day with popsicles.

Steph recently became a Piyo instructor, so she showed us her stuff. Linds and I tried to follow along as best we could. 

Went to see Finding Dory! We all loved it.

After the movie with all the kids wearing or displaying their shirts. 

And of course swimming!

Another Piyo workout. I was always grateful for interruptions from the kids.

More swimming, this time at Grandma's pool.

It's so fun seeing these 3 cousins interact as they get older. 

Max was pretty tuckered out from the week! He actually ended up getting sick right before we left on our trip. I felt so bad but luckily he was over the worst of it by the time we left.

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