Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Father's Day Weekend

Tyler had to go out of town for a training and his flight was on Father's Day in the morning, so we celebrated with him the day before. We tried to see Finding Dory in theaters but it was sold out, so we saw Angry Birds instead. Not as good but still a fun family outing. 

The kids wouldn't cooperate for a nice picture before Tyler left on Sunday morning, so this was the best we got. These kids are so lucky to have Tyler as their dad - he works tirelessly for them and loves them so much. I love seeing our kids through his eyes at the end of the day. When he comes home he is so excited to see them and I'm reminded that they really are cute and that I love them haha.

I took the kids to church and we went to my parent's for dinner. These rolls were my contribution, and I was so glad to have an excuse to make them!

We got my dad the book "How to Babysit a Grandpa" and we all laughed while he read it. 

These holidays mean more to me as I get older and as I learn to appreciate my dad and husband and all the father figures in my life. We love them all very much!

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