Friday, July 8, 2016

California trip {day 4}

Thursday morning we left Anaheim and drove out to Murrietta/Temecula for the rest of our time in California! Our first stop was for Millie and I to have a dress fitting with the woman making the flower girl and bridesmaid dresses. Despite her look in this picture, Millie was so excited about her beautiful dress and immediately asked if she could wear it to church after the wedding.

Then we grabbed an early lunch and checked into a new hotel. I was bummed that we weren't staying with the rest of the Juergens crew but we needed to keep our distance so no one caught what Max had. 

After exploring the hotel a bit and taking naps, we went to Shayna's parents' house for the wedding dinner! Their backyard was pretty incredible and had an incredible view too. We took family pictures before everything began.

The dinner was yummy and it was fun to see everyone! 

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