Monday, July 18, 2016

Cousin sleepover

Kerri and her kids came into town (from Germany!) for a few days, so we went to Lindsay's house for a night so we could all be together for a bit. It was a quick trip but so fun! Thursday was Lyla's birthday so we celebrated with cake and ice cream, and the cousins sang Happy Birthday to her probably 15 times. 

Mom took the pic below when trying to take a video. Not sure how it ended up black and white!

Tyler (or Tyler cousin as my kids refer to him) is so sweet with Max. Max loves him.

Friday morning the kids were begging to swim starting at 7am! We managed to hold them off until about 10. We swam and had lunch and took off shortly after.

Max used to fear Cato but now he is Cato's biggest fan!

Before we left on Friday Lindsay made us some delicious raspberry lime rickis! Took me back to my days at Arctic Circle. It was the perfect poolside treat.

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